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Debt Recovery

Operating in the city of Lodz, our Law Firm is well aware of the increasingly widespread phenomenon of debt. For this reason, in order to meet the needs of our customers, we decided to deal with the recovery as well.


We know that recovery is not an easy issue. Therefore we constantly broaden our knowledge and upgrade our skills in that field.


Debt recovery in our performance is always effective and the least severe as possible for the debtor.


Basic area of our activity is within the city of Lodz, but we also take commissions from other parts of the country.


In the course of business deals, the phenomenon of non-payment for sold goods or provided services is very often encountered. The problem that the entrepreneurs have to deal with all the time is the lack of effective debt recovery. Unfortunately this procedure is connected with the necessity of covering significant costs. The judicature in Poland is not free of charge. The costs of selling goods or providing services (that have to be covered by the entrepreneurs) are increased by the obligation of paying taxes, legal and advocate’s fees. It is extremely hard to conduct the business without the advocate’s assistance and court representation. The effectiveness of recovery depends on many factors. However the most important thing is to select the best way to collect the money owed, together with costs and interest.


Enterprising - "is a person who is ready to undertake various activities and who knows how to deal with them successfully". We are enterprising! Do not wait until the debtor gets rid of all the assets. Be the one who is enterprising! If you would like to commission your issues to Advocate Andrzej Śmigielski Law Firm, it is sufficient to make an appointment and submit source documents.



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